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ornamento amari siciliani

This is how we chart our course: we start from our memories, from the traditions of the land, from chats among friends, from family memories, from the scents an inspirations of the world around us. We take care of every detail, because we know the value of the moments of conviviality with our loved ones, the moments when we like to indulge in-depth reflection time with a drink in our hand, knowing that those flavours notes will will awaken our senses and guide our thoughts.

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New alchemies born from our agricultural tradition, take the senses unexplored paths.

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Discover the magic of Sicilian essences with our extraordinary amari and bitters inspired by the island’s agricultural tradition! Each bottle is the result of a perfect alchemy of local botanicals: flowers, fruits, herbs, barks, roots, and berries, blending into unique aromatic harmonies with intense personality. Hoist the anchor and set the sails, begin the sensory journey you have been waiting for!


Enveloping, warm, and spicy, with notes of roasted carob, citrus, and pink pepper.

A sweet, persuasive, and spicy amaro. The inebriating notes of toasted carob triumph on the nose, rounding off the sip with the citrus notes. Pink pepper and its spicy hints flavors emerge in the finish among the notes of bitter herbs, stimulating curiosity and accompanying you to the next sip.

Amaro balsamico -Maestrale - Antica Compagnia dei Venti


Fresh and bold with hints of bitter herbs, licorice, and sumac.

A balsamic fresh and bold amaro. The nose immediatley captures the balsamic effect of eucalytol. In the mouth, the roundness of the sumac softens and accompanies the bitter herbs. The long and persistent finish tasting of licorise convinces, enchants and suggest a new sip. Perfect as after-dinner amaro.

Gift box

A sustainable treasure box suitable for all occasions.

Our new packaging respects the environment by using paper from managed and controlled forests, combined with completely recyclable and biodegradable cardboard, produced without the use of chlorine and free from heavy metals.



Sail smoothly with these pure essences of unmistakable spirit. Zero compromises.

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Sicily, a land unique in the world and it has always been the cradle of ancient cultivars, a crossroads of winds, cultures, and timeless emotions. Thank to the knowledge of its natural richness, we have been able to create our products, after a careful research of the best local essences to ensure maximum purity and true taste. Every drop of our alcoholic infusion will let you savor the characterics that make them so special and unique in the world. In every sip, the magic of a land that has enchanted peoples and gods!

Gold medal, first place Italian national award.

Bottiglia di Libeccio - infuso alcolico in purezza da bucce di mandarini siciliani


Pleasant and exotic to the senses thanks to a slow infusion of Sicilian tangerine peels.

From the peels of Sicilian tangerines, warmed by the hot Mediterranean sun and refreshed by the winds that cross it, comes this liqueur, the result of a pure alcoholic infusion, winner of the ‘Ampolla d’Oro di Spirito Autoctono 2023’, a guide published by Touring Club Italia.


Naturally aromatic thanks to the slow infusion of Sicilian wild fennel.

Flavored in a natural way thanks to the slow infusion of Sicilian wild fennel. It is harvested and processed through a slow pure alcoholic infusion. It is a liqueur with strong characteristics: enveloping to the nose, aromatic and long-lasting on the palate.


Intense sweetness and a surprising finish from a slow infusion of Orange peels.

Peels of Sicilian oranges, processed according to traditional craftsmanship, give life to this pure alcoholic infusion. Orange peels are rich in essential oils with citrus fragrances, and give roundness and persistence to the sip creating a refreshing and lively experience. 



We follow our wildest passions to create unique and refined products.

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Our passion for vintage liquors has inspired our contemporary interpretations of gin, ferneth and vermouth. These represent unique alchemies of their kind, born from the exploration of the infinite possibilities offered by local botanicals. These liquors follow independent creative paths which result in exciting and satisfying final products suitable both for the most demanding palates and those are moving away from the mass industrial products. With their versatility and intense pleasant taste, they are perfect to be tasted on their own or in mixology.

Silver medal, World Gin Awards

Eolo Gin

Absolutely the first and only Sicilian Compound Gin Navy Strength.

Juniper blends with typical Sicilian citrus botanicals: lemon, bergamot, red orange, and sweet orange, which persist thanks to their essential oils. Among others, pink pepper, basil, wild fennel, and iris root amplify its bouquet. The significant alcohol content and the balance of the botanicals make it a perfect ingredient in mixology.

Fernet 20

The authentic flavor of Fernet becomes contemporary in a triumph of scents.

It does not contain any sugar or caramel and it is a perfect alchemy of classic botanicalS such as cinchona, aloe, gentian, rhubarb, chamomile, and a rich Sicilian selection including orange, bay leaf, nepetella, basil, sumac, and grape leaf. Bold and aromatic scents, intense and pleasant taste. A very bitter amaro for zero compromise on the taste.

Vermouth dei Venti

Aromatic fortified wine from native grape varieties with a strong personality.

The blend of white Catarratto Lucido and Extralucido grapes, gives the core structure and warm aromas to the taste.  A carefully sought balance between the perception of sweetness, full and continuous, and the pleasant bitter vein of the mix of wormwoods. Notes of orange, bergamot, cinnamon, cloves, basil, and rosehip.

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The wind has changed​

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